Urology Congress

The 34th Congress of European Association of Urology was held in Barcelona on 15-19.03.2019. Such event was a great opportunity to present Elesta’s Echolaser. The stand of the Spanish distributor [...]

Second Echolaser in Poland will now help patients of the Alfred Sokołowski’s Specialist Hospital in Wałbrzych

On October 24th doctors from the Specialist Hospital in Wałbrzych performed the first three treatments using the Echolaser technology. The Specialist Hospital in Wałbrzych became the second [...]

„Wprost” writes about Echolaser

“Wprost” weekly (May 21-27, 2018) published an article about usage of Echolaser in a  surgery along with the ranking of oncological surgery and hematooncology. Medical centers [...]

First surgeries in Poland using Echolaser

The first surgeries in Poland using Echolaser, an innovative device combining two technologies: ultrasound and laser, have been carried out in Lower Silesia, in Regional Specialist Hospital in [...]

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