modi lite - Breast
soracte lite - Breast
pb lite e1515084571108 - Breast
agatha lite - Breast
agatha lite - Breast

AgathaLite is thermotherapy using the Echolaser system for treating breast lesions.

The name of the treatment contains in a single word the application area (the breast, “Agatha” referring to Saint Agatha, the patron of women with breast diseases; in fact Saint Agatha, which had been ripped her breasts with tongs to permanently mar its beauty, was miraculously healed after a vision of St. Peter) and “Lite”, which on one hand refers to the lightweight and micro-invasiveness of the treatment, and on the other, the therapeutic source (Light, therefore Laser).

AgathaLite has not yet been launched commercially. By the time the application is only adopted in Reference Centres.



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