Echolaser at the 8th Winter Oncology Forum

The 8th Winter Oncology Forum took place on January 17-18, 2020, in Zakopane.
In this important industry meeting took part also MED&CARE company with the innovative solution for removing cancer – ECHOLASER

For several years, Members and the Board of the Polish Society of Oncological Surgery have been meeting in Zakopane in winter,
and since 2012 these meetings have been held under the name Winter Oncological Forum.
This year it was the eighth edition of this event.

During the Winter Oncology Forum were held lecture sessions for people specializing in oncological surgery, as well as for other oncologists and doctors involved in the treatment of cancer patients.
Authors of oncology textbooks, oncology specialization programs and members of examination boards were the lecturers of these sessions.

We would like to thank everyone who met us during this event.
We hope that we have answered all your questions.

See you soon!



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