Another thyroid nodules removal procedures at CM Klara in Częstochowa

Last week, at CM Klara’s Minimally Invasive Surgery Center was performed another procedures of thyroid nodules removal with the use of Echolaser. These operations were performed by Dr. Tomasz Sędziak who has the greatest experience in Poland in the field of laser removal of nodular lesions with the use of Echolaser.

Thyroid diseases affect more and more women and also men. One of the most common ailments of the thyroid gland are nodules. Some of them require removal. An alternative to the surgical removal of thyroid tumors and the hope for patients is the modern method of thermal ablation using Echolaser.

The main advantages of removing benign neoplastic lesions with Echolaser are: high effectiveness of the procedure, minimal surgical intervention, very short procedure time and quick convalescence.

For information arrange treatments at CM Klara in Częstochowa please contact:

Iwona Wieloch, Medical Services Coordinator
phone: +48 34 534 50 15



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