The first treatment of uterine fibroid with the Echolaser usage

On 18th of December 2019 at the EuroMediCare Hospital in Wroclaw was held the first uterine fibroid surgery with the Echolaser usage.

The procedure was performed by dr Tomasz Sędziak – a surgeon-oncologist who has a huge experience in procedures with the use of Echolaser (about 200 procedures performed with an Echolaser at the EMC Hospital in Wrocław).

The micro-invasive and transdermal procedure lasted only 10 minutes transdermally, so that the patient, who felt very good after the procedure, could leave the hospital the next day.

It is a breakthrough in the treatment of uterine fibroids due to: patient safety, minimal surgical intervention without opening the abdominal wall and very short procedure time with high effectiveness of this innovative method.



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