On-line conference “Progression of endocrinology and diabetology”

We invite you to take part in on-line conference “”Progression of endocrinology and diabetology”” that will be held on May 28-29, 2021. MED&CARE is one of the sponsors of the event.

The last 12 months abounded in many interesting medical publications presented in leading magazines. Echolaser was an innovative technology that was gladly used and described by specialists.

The Medical Center of Postgraduate Education in Warsaw, an event organizer, invites to participate in lectures related to these publications. The speakers will be clinicians from the Clinic of Endocrinology of CMKP, lecturers at courses at the Center.

We especially recommend the lectures of Dr. Magdalena Kochman. Speeches entitled “What to do when primary hyperparathyroidism cannot be operated on?” and “What to do with hypercalcemia in pregnancy?” will interest doctors specializing in technical innovations in medicine, including the use of Echolaser technology.

The event will be on-line.

The program and other details you will find here.

postepy endokrynologii i diabetologii - On-line conference "Progression of endocrinology and diabetology"

postepy endokrynologii i diabetologii sponsorzy - On-line conference "Progression of endocrinology and diabetology"



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