Echolaser treatment in Medical Center Alfamedica Silesia North in Częstochowa

We are pleased to inform you that the Alfamedica Silesia North Medical Center in Częstochowa has joined innovative facilities that use Echolaser in treatment of prostate and thyroid cancer.

The Medical Center Alfamedica Silesia North is a multidisciplinary center with all medical specialties, including: urology, ophthalmology, surgery, gastrology, ENT, orthopedics, endocrinology, occupational medicine, treatment of Lyme disease and many others. Additionally, there is an endoscopic laboratory, which performs gastroscopy and colonoscopy tests, also under general anesthesia, a specialist ophthalmology clinic with optic tomography (OCT) and an ENT office equipped with a microscope, hearing equipment (tympanometry, audiometer) and fiberoscopy ( endoscopic examination of the throat, larynx, ear). The team of doctors consists of specialists from Silesia, Łódź, Kraków and Częstochowa.

There is also the private hospital performing procedures in the field of urology (including green laser prostate cancer treatment), orthopedics (including innovative chondrocyte transplant procedures to grow cartilage patches from own cells – in many cases an alternative to knee replacement), surgery general, proctology, ophthalmology and ENT.

There is also AlfaEstetica with plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, laser vision correction and EMS Training. Within the AlfaEstetica, there is a Comprehensive Center for Dentistry and Implantology with maxillary surgery and Swiss implants. Implantologists of Alfamecia are not only trained in the most modern clinics in the world, but also share their knowledge by organizing cyclical training in implantology in full navigation.

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