September 15 – European Prostate Day

On 15th of September we celebrate the European Prostate Day. This day aims to raise people’s awareness of prostate disease. Prostate cancer is the third most common cancer in men in Poland. It is important to diagnose the disease earlier and treat it as soon as possible.

The European Prostate Day aims to encourage men to visit urologists and diagnostic tests. All you need is a simple examination by a specialist and measuring the level of the PSA protein (prostate-specific antigen), which detects cancer at a very early and completely treatable stage of its development.

The number of patients with prostate cancer is increasing. On the occasion of the Prostate Day was organized by the Health Policy the debate on prostate diseases, during which experts assessed that in Poland we have more and more advanced diagnostic technologies and solutions for the treatment of prostate cancer.
One of the most modern, non-invasive and most effective methods of removing neoplastic changes in the prostate gland is Echolaser.

It is a non-surgical procedure which, using the heat generated by the laser, allows for a significant reduction in the volume of the prostate gland and, consequently, the release of the urethral canal from pressure processes that impede the proper flow of urine. This ensures a gradual relief of symptoms and a gradual improvement in the patient’s quality of life.

The number of hospitals in Poland that use this innovative method of treating prostatic hyperplasia is growing. Men in Poland have better and better access to quick treatment of cancerous primates,



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