Echolaser at the Endocrinological and Surgical Conference in Wrocław

Endocrinology and Surgery Conference “Let’s work together – The Joint Endocrinological and Surgical Conference” took place on November 14-16, in Wrocław, Poland. This is one of the most important events in the field of endocrinology and surgery.

The meeting is organized by the Neuroendocrinology Section and the Endocrine Surgery Section of the Polish Endocrinological Society.

During the conference  were presented the latest scientific achievements, like: the interdisciplinary conservative-surgical approach to the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases of the endocrine glands in practical terms.

In the meeting was also participate MED&CARE comapny, which presented an innovative solution for removing cancer – Echolaser.

The device is also successfully used by selected hospitals in Poland. The list of institutions that use Echolaser therapy is growing, giving more and more patients the possibility of non-invasive removal of cancerous lesions.



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    Konferencja Endokrynologiczno-Chirurgiczna we Wrocławiuminiak macicy echolaser
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