Treatment of prostate cancer with Echolaser in program 36.6

Echolaser once again gives new micro-invasive possibilities of focal treatment of cancer. This innovative method of prostate cancer treatment was presented on TVN’s 36.6 ° program:  episode 5 of season 8!

What is the Echolaser treatment? It is a micro-invasive method that uses laser energy to significantly reduce the volume of the prostate gland. As a result, the urethral canal is released from compression processes. Thanks to the treatment, symptoms gradually disappear and the patient’s quality of life improves. At the same time, the risk of developing urinary tract infections is reduced.

The advantages of this innovative method of prostate cancer removal using Echolaser: in situ thermal ablation without tissue removal), no complications resulting in damage to the urethra, shortened hospitalization (one-day surgery) and quick recovery (usually several hours after surgery).

The episode devoted to the treatment of prostate cancer using the Echolaser is available on


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