Alfamedica – a new center for prostate treatment with Echolaser in Częstochowa

Alfamedica Silesia North Częstochowa has been specializing in the treatment of prostate diseases for many years. The medical center brings together highly qualified medical staff, valued not only by Poland, but also in Europe. Thanks to the implemented Echolaser treatment method, Alfamedica is expanding its offer with low-invasive treatment of benign neoplastic lesions.

The urology clinic in the Alfamedica Medical Center operates under the supervision of dr Władysław Bryc, who has specialized in the treatment of prostate diseases for several decades. The doctor completed a specialization in general surgery and a second-degree specialization in urology. The treatment of prostatic hyperplasia in Alfamedica is also dealt with by dr Katarzyna Bryc-Walczak, who obtained the prestigious title of FEBU (Fellow of European Board of Urology) urologist with the highest test result in Europe. The combination of vast experience, with the knowledge of the latest European trends in prostate treatment, results in high effectiveness of medical activities.

Alfamedica Silesia North offers not only traditional, surgical methods of treating prostate diseases, but thanks to investments in innovative technologies, it enables its patients to benefit from low-invasive treatments using Echolaser. The operation of the device is based on subjecting the lesions to the thermal ablation process, as a result of which they shrink or even completely disappear. The low invasiveness of the method is ensured by the use of optical fibers which, using thin needles, reach the diseased tissue and affect it with a light beam. This technology allows for the treatment of lesions that previously required surgery. Thanks to the precision and the use of thin needles, hospitalization is not required, no scars are formed after the procedure, and the therapeutic effect is felt in the patient after
one day.

The undeniable advantage of the Echolaser therapy used in Alfamedica is its availability to patients of all ages, also with cardiological problems, who have not been able to get help so far, due to the inability to undergo general anesthesia, required during traditional surgery. Treatments with the use of Echolaser are performed under local anesthesia.

Alfamedica Silesia North is located in Częstochowa, at Kilińskiego 166. The facility has a number of specialist clinics that provide patients with comprehensive treatment. Thanks to investments in innovative technologies, such as Echolaser, the Alfamedica Medical Center, has made the fight against prostate diseases one of its main specialties. More details on the pages:

Echolaser – leczenie nowotworów

Alfamedica Silesia North Medical Center
ul. Kilińskiego 166,
42-218 Częstochowa
Project coordinator – Paulina Janicka, tel. +48 605 644 700



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