Focal treatment of prostate cancer in the Hospital of St. Anna in Piaseczno

More and more men are affected by the problem of low- and medium-grade  prostate cancer. For 40% of patients with prostate cancer point methods (laser, ultrasound, freezing) are ideal solution.  Hospital of St. Anna in Piaseczno provides treatments using a laser, which are precisely aimed at the focus of cancer. This is the  focal therapy, which is gaining more and more supporters among urologists in the world.

Advantages of focal treatment 
Focal therapy is a minimally invasive method that is focused on the source of  cancer. Treatment using a laser minimizes the risk of complications and allows the patient to maintain his basic physiological functions (potency, proper urinary retention). Other advantages of the laser therapy: short patient’s stay in the hospital and rapid recovery.

Echolaser is the ideal laser for focal treatment. The method of spot removal of prostate cancer using this innovative device is used only in a few medical centers in Europe. Focal therapy using Echolaser is also available in Poland at the Hospital of St. Anna in Piaseczno.

What does focal therapy look like?
The procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia under the control of an anesthesiologist. Removal of the prostate neoplastic lesion involves the transverse application of energy by means of a laser, which goes to the source of the tumor, completely destroying it or slowing the changes. Patients after such an operation leave the hospital the same or the next day.

Classification for focal treatment
The patient should be qualified for the procedure through diagnostic tests, such as prostate magnetic resonance imaging and fusion biopsy. Research also accurately determines the location of the tumor and its stage. At the Hospital of St. Anna in Piaseczno, a fusion biopsy is performed through the perineum, not the anus, which minimizes the risk of infection.
The malignancy grade of the tumor is determined on the basis of slices subjected to histopathological examination. Based on the results of these tests, urologists classify patient can undergo focal treatment.

Where are the treatments performed?
Hospital of St. Anna in Piaseczno is one of several medical facilities in Europe that use the potential of fusion biopsy and the possibilities of Echolaser in the focal treatment of prostate cancer.
At the beginning of July this year in the hospital in Piaseczno are planned further prostate cancer removal procedures with Echolaser.



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