„Wprost” writes about Echolaser

“Wprost” weekly (May 21-27, 2018) published an article about usage of Echolaser in a  surgery along with the ranking of oncological surgery and hematooncology.

Medical centers interested in cooperation with us regarding Echolaser’s usage are expected to contact: echolaser@medandcare.pl

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wprost 21 27.05 3 223x300 - „Wprost” writes about Echolaser wprost 21 27.05 1 223x300 - „Wprost” writes about Echolaser wprost 21 27.05 2 212x300 - „Wprost” writes about Echolaser


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    Pacjent przygotowany do zabiegu z wykorzystaniem Echolasera Blok operacyjny Echolaser w szpitalu w Wałbrzychu
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