Second Echolaser in Poland will now help patients of the Alfred Sokołowski’s Specialist Hospital in Wałbrzych

On October 24th doctors from the Specialist Hospital in Wałbrzych performed the first three treatments using the Echolaser technology.

The Specialist Hospital in Wałbrzych became the second medical center in Poland in which this method of treatment will be used. This is an innovative therapy that uses laser energy under ultrasound guidance. The device is ideal for the treatment of malignant tumors and non-malignant tumors of soft tissue. Destroying the tumor with the Echolaser technology is a short and painless procedure and allows the patients to recover in a short time.

Echolaser offers the possibility of micro-invasive thermotherapy treatments using ultrasound. It is the first and only integrated system that meets the requirements of both diagnostics and treatment. The Echolaser technology combines micro invasiveness and the concept of using multiple applicators at once, offering the possibility of treating changes of significant size.



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