The first in Poland metastasis to the pancreas and adrenal gland with the use of Echolaser

On May 15, 2018 Tomasz Sędziak M.D. in the EMC hospital in Wroclaw performed another operation by applying an innovative method of destroying cancerous tumors using the minimally invasive method of thermotherapy with Echolaser.

The operation consisted of introducing a very thin 0.8 mm needle into the tumor under the ultrasound guidance serving as a working canal and to which 0.3 diameter quartz fiber is brought in. The tumor was situated in the tail of the pancreas and the operator passed the needle through the spleen without damaging the organ. Thanks to such a high precision of Echolaser, the tumor was destroyed in few minutes.

According to Sędziak M.D. Echolaser allows you to get better results than current RF thermoablation methods and microwaves. It has a versatile application, and its flexible operation lets you reach almost any cancerous lesion, located in the patient by using ultrasound examination without opening abdominal walls. Echolaser also allows to fully control area of ​​ablation which allows precise burning of the tumor, even close to sensitive structures.

Echolaser is registered in the European Union and used by hospitals from all over Europe. The Echolaser technology was developed by the Italian company Elesta. It is the very first, unique, and integrated system that combines the laser technology and ultrasounds. The usage of Echolaser allows diagnostics and micro-invasive treatment of benign and malignant soft tissue changes.



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