The first Echolaser in Poland purchased by Wroclaw EuroMediCare Hospital

A month ago three surgeries using Echolaser were carried out in the Regional Specialist Hospital in Wroclaw. The innovative method of destroying malignant and benign tumours using the Italian device is now permanently available in Poland. Wroclaw EuroMediCare Hospital is the first in Poland to become an owner of the groundbreaking Echolaser.Echolaser combines ultrasound technology with laser and its application makes it possible to obtain better results than in previously known methods of thermoablation. Additionally, the use of Echolaser enables effective and precise destruction of tumours in a significantly shorter and painless surgery.

It can be used for example in primary and metastatic hepatic lesions, inoperable pancreatic tumours, kidney and adrenal glands tumours, as well as in some metastases to bones, peritoneal cavity and retroperitoneal space, and also bone and soft tissue sarcomas. It also works well in destroying lymph nodes with metastases to the neck and in the abdominal cavity, benign lesions of thyroid and small uterine myomas. It is often the best therapeutic solution, from the point of view of  both doctor and patient – explains  Tomasz Sędziak M.D., an oncological surgeon from Wroclaw EMC Hospital.

The first surgeries carried out in EMC hospital were the removal of metastatic bone tumour and the removal of benign kidney lesion.

Depending on the type of tumour and its location, the surgery can be performed without anaesthetic or with a local anaesthetic. Patients can even go home on the same day. Such treatment is not only effective, it also is scar-free. It is a real revolution in non-invasive methods of surgery – confirms Sędziak M.D.

The surgeries in Wroclaw hospital have been performed since the 24th of March this year. At the moment they are not refundable by the National Health Fund (NFZ). We look forward to more hospitals in Poland looking to acquire this extraordinary device.

Laser delivers energy precisely in the strictly limited area, which means that the extent of thermal damage is predictable, precise, and controlled. Additionally, the use of laser can limit the energy delivered in healthy tissue, which makes it possible to precisely treat lesions in critical areas. In case of malignant lesions (e.g. metastasis to lymph nodes) Echolaser ensures the highest precision, which is particularly useful in case of small lesions with fuzzy borders. Laser energy is tolerated well by the body. All these advantages mean that Echolaser is becoming available in more and more hospitals in many countries of Europe and Asia. We hope that Poland will soon join this group – says Tomasz Witkowski from MED&CARE, the Polish distributor of Echolaser.



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