Focal treatment of prostate cancer in the Hospital of St. Anna in Piaseczno

More and more men are affected by the problem of low- and medium-grade  prostate cancer. For 40% of patients with prostate cancer point methods (laser, ultrasound, freezing) are ideal solution.  [...]

Echolaser at the Endocrinological and Surgical Conference in Wrocław

Endocrinology and Surgery Conference “Let’s work together – The Joint Endocrinological and Surgical Conference” took place on November 14-16, in Wrocław, Poland. This is [...]

Minimally Invasive Surgery Center at Klara Medical Center

Soon Klara Medical Polish Center for Cell Therapy and Immunotherapy will open the Minimally Invasive Surgery Center. In this occassion TV Orion in Częstochowa recorded the interview with dr n. [...]

Echolaser has been launched at Klara Medical Polish Center

Another good news! Echolaser has been launched at Klara Polish Center for Cell Therapy and Immunotherapy in Częstochowa! From 1st till 2nd October at Klara Medical Center there was a training for [...]

TVP3 Wrocław about Echolaser

Every day doctors at the Euromedicare Specialist Hospital in Wrocław doctors use Echolaser solution to treat cancer. TVP3 Wrocław recorded film about this modern method of treating soft tissue [...]

Treatment with Echolaser in EMC Piaseczno

On 24th of September this year in Wroclaw, dr Tomasz Sędziak provided thyroid surgery training. A doctor from Warsaw took part in it. He will start operating with Echolaser usage at EMC Piaseczno [...]