Symposium: The role of focal therapy in a prostate cancer treatment platform

On 12th September will in Geneve in Switzerland will take place 4th symposium on localized prostate cancer.

The meeting is organized by radiological platform dedicated to urology.
For 5 years radiologists and urologists have been working closely together on an independent radiological interface to provide patients with high-quality diagnostic tools, particularly for the prostate. These resources are validated by multidisciplinary and radio-pathological meetings, a database as well as collaborations at the scientific level developed in partnership with the SIPC (Swiss International Prostate Center).

During the sympoium they will study the role of focal therapy of localized prostate cancer in a multidisciplinary group.
What indications, what modalities, for which localization as well as different local and foreign clinical experiences will be the highlights of this 4th symposium.

Speakers :
▪ Dr. Martina Martins Favre, Radiologue FMH, Imagerive, Rue de Rive 1, CH-1204 Genève
▪ Dr. Stefano Regusci, Urologue FMH, Chemin Beau Soleil 12, CH-1206 Genève
▪ Prof Eric Barret, Urologue, Institut Mutualiste Montsouris, 42 Bd Jourdan, FR-75014 Paris
▪ Profr Raphaëlle Renard-Penna, Service de radiologie, Hôpital La Pitié-Salpêtrière, 47 Bd de l’Hôpital, FR-75013 Paris
▪ Prof Théo de Reijke, Centre médical Universitaire, Amsterdam
▪ Prof Edouard Baco, Département Urologie, Hôpital Universitaire d’Oslo, Norvège
▪ Dr. Pierre-Charles Henry, Chirurgien Urologue, 33 Chemin des Tilleroyes, FR-25000 Besançon
▪ Prof Frans Debruyne, Urologue et directeur médical , Andros Mannenkliniek Arnhem, Holland
▪ Prof Philippe Puech, PHD Chef de Service en image Néphro-urologique, Hôpital Universitaire de Lille, Rue Michel Polonovski, FR-59037 Lille

Moderator :
▪ Dr. Massimo Valerio Urologue FMH, CHUV Rue du Bugnon 46, CH-1011 Lausanne

On registration the next day September 13th at 9am live demonstration of laser therapy.


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